Once Now Ensemble

Spontaneous! Unpredictable! But we listen to each other.

Craig Berg, photo by Dean Johnson

Craig Berg

Having been born and raised in Milwaukee, Craig Berg's formal musical training began with the accordion. The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, the Beatles, the Animals and Jimi Hendrix helped to propel him into rock, the blues, the harmonica, the guitar and the band Mona. The albums "Kind of Blue", "The Shape of Jazz to Come", Sun Ra and Art Ensemble of Chicago inspired explorations of the alto sax, alto clarinet and sidewalk jam sessions with musicians on the streets of Madison, WI. The film "Emmanuelle", Ravi Shankar and the study of Portuguese led to a study of...what used to be called "ethnomusicology". Heavily melding five years and seven instruments worth of performance with the University of Wisconsin's Javanese Gamelan Student Orchestra. Conversations with and inspirations of John Cage, ellsworth snyder, Marilyn Crispell, Steve Nelson-Raney, Jon Mueller and Thomas Gaudynski culminated in his participation as a percussionist in the Once Now Ensemble, where he plays...at whim...kulingtang, berimbau, mbira, steel pan, and ektar.