Once Now Ensemble

Spontaneous! Unpredictable! But we listen to each other.

Rick Ollman, photo by Dean Johnson

Rick Ollman

"I can't fully account for the 35 year gap without public musical performance. I never stopped playing but it was only for my wife and myself."

"I performed on flute and guitar in a free improv group in the late '60s, Magic Cereal, and appeared as a classical guitarist at that time as well. I've also been playing piano and miscellaneous percussion instruments, and studied African drumming with the Ko-Thi Dance Company in the '90s."

"Gradually over the years I've added clarinet, bass clarinet, and more recently cornet. Madly in love with my wife, but polygamous with musical instruments."

"Other musical projects include membership in the Great Lakes Improvising Orchestra. I've also published two books of poetry: Magic Cereal (Quixote, 1967) and The Book of Might (Bovinity, 1987) and continue to write, off and on, with occasional appearances at Woodland Pattern Book Center."